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  • How Executive Thought Leadership Can Score Career Brownie Points

    Executive thought leaders are often referred to as the ‘go to’ people, the experts who lead the current thinking on an area of business that they are experienced in, passionate about, and influential on. They set themselves apart from the rest of their peers, CEOs and other industry figures, by [...]

  • Thought Leader, Or A Leader of Thought? There Is A Difference

    Thought leadership is one of those ‘buzzterms’ that gets bandied about, often by the PR department looking for opportunities to boost the reputation of their organisation’s credibility and reputation. It’s also a topic that has generated cyber-acres of blog coverage on what thought leadership means, what a thought leader does, [...]

  • Europe’s Fastest Rural Broadband Network? British Farmers Are Digging It

    First published on Forbes March 2014 WHO has the fastest internet connection speeds in Europe? At country level it is the Dutch, with the fastest average speeds of 22Mbps, according to network analyst Akamai’s new State of the Internet report. But are there any continentals outperforming a small farming community [...]

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  • How to leave your day job and start your dream business

    First published in The Guardian Small Business Network October 3, 2014 Fear of failure can stifle wannabe entrepreneurs. People who overcame their fears and took the plunge talk to Alison Coleman We are a nation of aspiring entrepreneurs, but when it comes to it, we’re just too scared to take [...]

  • Holding On To Bright New Talent

    First published in Edge Insight July 22, 2014 Talent acquisition is back on the agenda for a growing number of organisations, but attracting good candidates in a competitive market is only one of the challenges they face.Retaining them beyond the first few weeks could pose even greater challenges, as new [...]

  • Accountancy Profession Struggling To Recruit Graduates

    First published in Economia July 17 2014 Accountancy firms are finding it more difficult than ever to find the calibre of graduates they need from the UK education system. But is that because graduate numbers are falling or are academic standards simply slipping? As one of the largest recruiters of graduates [...]

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