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  • Europe’s Fastest Rural Broadband Network? British Farmers Are Digging It

    First published on Forbes March 2014 WHO has the fastest internet connection speeds in Europe? At country level it is the Dutch, with the fastest average speeds of 22Mbps, according to network analyst Akamai’s new State of the Internet report. But are there any continentals outperforming a small farming community [...]

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Social Media Strife & Have Happy Customers

    There are lots of factors that can derail a business, and while many are outside the owner’s control, the damage is often self inflicted. We’re talking customer service, that thing that some companies boast about having high standards of, but fail miserably to deliver; probably more so during the recent [...]

  • 3 Steps to a Successful Start Up Hire

    When you’ve been used to working in your start up all by yourself, bringing someone else into the business, your first hire, is a major milestone. It’s also a bit daunting. You’re an entrepreneur, not a recruitment consultant; how will you know you have the right person, someone who understands [...]

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  • Tapping into overseas markets from humble beginnings

    Firts published in Guardian Small Business Network April 9, 2014 Overseas markets like the US are notoriously tough for UK startups looking to expand, especially when they are home-based, short on capital, and unfamiliar with the cultural etiquette that successful market entry generally requires. However, tapping into the right resources, [...]

  • Flexible working: five gadgets for small businesses

    First published in Guardian Small Business Network April 2, 2014 Alison Coleman reviews some of the most popular business oriented technology to help SME owners work flexibly With the latest technology at their disposal, small businesses can work wherever they like. Flexible working is on the rise, and with the [...]

  • Europe’s Hidden Entrepreneurial Tech Hotbed; Romania Powers Up

    First published on Forbes March 27, 2014 When EU restrictions were lifted in January this year media hype about a mass influx of Romanians to the UK was rife. The premise was that they were desperate for opportunities that didn’t exist back home. The influx never happened. And when you [...]

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